2023年8月2日(水) /Wednesday, August 2, 2023
    SUNTORY HALL Blue Rose (Small Hall) Visitor’s guide
「0歳からの・はじめてのオーケストラSpecial Concert」
    First Time Orchestra Concerto for 0 Year Olds and Up  Special Concert

1)開場 10:10(演奏 10:40-11:05) 終演後 楽器体験 約15分
2)開場 12:00(演奏 12:30-13:15) 終演後 楽器体験 約15分
3)開場 14:30(演奏 15:00-15:50) 終演後 楽器体験 約15分
1)Open10:10/Start10:40   Music instrument experience(about 15 minutes) after the concert
2)Open12:00/Start12:30   Music instrument experience(about 15 minutes) after the concert
3)Open14:30/Start15:00   Music instrument experience(about 15 minutes) after the concert

出演: サロンオーケストラジャパン/Salon Orchestra Japan

0歳から楽しく聴ける! 全国で話題の人気コンサート 乳幼児が夢中になり、親子で感動&リラックス。目の前で繰り広げられるサロンオーケストラジャパンの演奏は楽しさと迫力いっぱい。 子どもたちが夢中で聴き、親からは歓声が上がる話題のコンサートがサントリーホールで開催!

We provide concerts where babies and toddlers are absorbed, parents and children are moved and relaxed.  Salon Orchestra Japan Concerts are full of fun and powerful.  The much-talked-about concert, where children are engrossed in music and parents cheer, is coming to Suntory Hall. Let’s dance to the waltz!  Concerts by Salon Orchestra Japan have been featured on many TV networks such as NHK, include works like The Blue Danube Waltz, The Entertainer, Hungarian Dances, Radetzky March, Orpheus in the Underworld, etc.

どんなコンサート? クリックしてください! /What kind of concert? Please click!

※英語Blue Roseは不可能の代名詞とされてきましたが、サントリーがバイオ技術によって2004年に新品種「青いバラ」を開発。この小ホールは、多くのアーティストの皆さまに新たな挑戦の舞台として活用して欲しいという思いから「ブルーローズ」と名づけられました。

Blue Rose (Small Hall)
The Small Hall underwent refurbishment in 2007 — the stage was expanded and audiovisual equipment was installed in response to diverse needs — and was renamed ‘Blue Rose’.
As with the Main Hall, wood has been extensively used, giving the space a warm sound and atmosphere. It is a venue where one feels close to the performers, and with its movable seating, it can be used imaginatively to create new types of musical spaces. It can also be used for lectures and different kinds of functions.

The term ‘Blue Rose’ is often regarded as a synonym for something that is impossible. However, Suntory applied biotechnology successfully to develop the ‘Blue Rose’— a new variety of rose — in 2004. The Small Hall was therefore renamed ‘Blue Rose’ in the hope that artists would use it to stage their challenges.

会場・アクセス情報 Venue/access information

入場料 : 0歳から未就学児  2,000円 /   小学生以上〜一般 3,500円
Entrance fee: 2,000 yen for children aged 0 to preschoolers / 3,500 yen for elementary school students and older

サントリーホール ブルーローズでの公演を記念して特別企画をご用意しました。


A special program to commemorate the performance at Suntory Hall Blue Rose. For children who are older than 4 years of age who purchased a ticket, have the opportunity to play in a violin ensemble on stage.  This offer is for the first 20 children.  Please make a reservation from the link below.


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コンビニ決済 ※コンビニ決済は別途手数料がかかります。またお支払い期限がございます。

payment method
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・ Convenience store payment * A separate fee will be charged for convenience store payment. There is also a payment deadline.
On the day of the event, you will be able to check and enter using your smartphone.

全自由席 座席は前方シート席・後方固定座席となります 是非座布団・クッションをご持参ください *当方ではシート・マットなどを一定数ご用意しますが、薄手のものであったり、数に限りがある場合があります。

All non-reserved seats.  Seats in front are picnic style, and rear seats are chairs.  We will prepare sheets and mats, but they many be thin or limited.